A graphics card buyer would spend an extra $300 to upgrade


This is not a particularly crazy piece of information when you look at the events of the last few months in the graphics card market. NVIDIA has just revealed that when it comes to buying new graphics cards (upgrades), gamers are paying $300 more for upgrading the models they are replacing.

Nvidia CES 2022
Now you know who Jeff Fisher is

NVIDIA: big growth potential with those who haven’t upgraded

to RTX But the greens obviously have another analysis that we all might have. So NVIDIA believes that the GPU is increasingly valued by gamers in particular and PC buyers in general. Which implies that they are willing to pay more. But we have to go further in the statements of Jeff Fisher(the man with the RTX 3090Ti). In his speech to investors yesterday, the Nvidia vice president also revealed some other interesting information. First of all, and this is not really a scoop, all its data is obviously collected in the Geforce Experience of NVIDIA, allowing the company that still very largely equips gamers, to track them very precisely.

Nvidia RTX But the other important information brought up by NVIDIA tools concerns the “park”. We can see that only 29% of the NVIDIA gamer base is equipped with RTX (RTX 20 and RTX 30), while the rest of the base remains on GTX (71%).

Price: a real brake on upgrades, contrary to what NVIDIA seems to think

This figure is analyzed by the greens as a potential for growth. However, it could also be read as a sign that many gamers are in a waiting position and are not willing to pay “$300 more” to upgrade their PC. For our part, we think that we are not far from the breaking point on prices and that it is indeed this price inflation that has limited the switch to a new generation. The next few months will be revealing on this subject with the arrival of new entrants and a certain lull in prices.

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