But what can GALAX brand, KFA2 for the European branch, prepare us and that they have just teased on the Japanese Twitter page GALAX but taken over from post on the official Facebook page of GALAX? Here is the tweet in question which is already making our Discord community react quite a lot. The date of May 10th seems to be no longer in doubt about the announcement of the refresh of some AMD cards. But from there to imagine a first AMD card at GALAX, it would be very surprising! We are not going to lie to you, we are already ultra excited thinking that it could be a GALAX RX 6950 XT HOF, that is to say the “Hall Of Fame” series.

If you’re a regular visitor to our site and an avid fan of the GALAX brand, you know that the HOF series represents the top of the line of the brand with models cut for overclocking. Aesthetically, we are still on white PCBs as well as a cooling system with at least three fans and also adorned in white. The brand has recently announced the arrival of its NVIDIA models with the RTX 3090 Ti HOF OC Lab. The version HOF OC Lab Limited Edition will be equipped with a waterblock. As usual, it will be a block of the brand Bitspower. In short, I can’t wait to be tomorrow to maybe discover a GALAX RX 6950 XT HOF 🙂 EDIT: the source is not from the Twitter account but from the official Facebook account of GALAX.