3DMark Steel Nomad free for 3DMark users!


A new benchmark for the 3DMark suite is about to be released: Steel Nomad. It is intended to replace the current Time Spy. The good news is that it’s free for 3DMark users!

Steel Nomad, the new free benchmark to replace Time Spy!

3DMark Steel Nomad

This new bench will replace the current Time Spy in the 3DMark suite. However, the good news is that it will be free for users of the suite – phew! It will of course be available on the Steam and Epic Games platforms, as well as via UL directly.

On the program, the company is highlighting a test bench based on Microsoft’s DirectX12API. However, there will be no ray tracing, but the scene will use an “extreme” level of geometry and rasterized light. The image alone already sets the tone.

Naturally, this benchmark will be available on Windows and Windows on ARM platforms. Mobile platforms are also concerned, however, the software will not be released until later in 2024 where it is due to arrive in the first quarter on Windows.

Finally, there’s a derivative called Steel Nomad Lite for Mac devices, iOS, Android, tablets/smartphones and ultra-laptop PCs.