12VHPWR: an adapter that turns out to be a consumable?


If you are planning to buy an RTX 4090 without having a power supply with a 12VHPWR connector, be careful. Indeed, in this kind of situation, either you buy a new power supply, or you go through an adapter provided. And then you might be surprised to learn that the adapter has a limited lifespan.

12VHPWR: an adapter that turns out to be a consumable!

Zotac 12VHPWR Via our colleagues we learn that Zotac warns about the number of uses of such an adapter. The brand advises not to plug/unplug this cable more than thirty times. Beyond that, the risk of overheating or even melting the connectors would be real. NVIDIA would have conducted tests internally and visibly, this would start to happen quite quickly: about 40 cycles.

The cause behind this would be related to voltage variations in the cable/connector. We imagine that this is caused by a possible play that can be created in the connector by being manipulated. Also, be careful not to bend the cable too much, this would contribute to accentuate this phenomenon.

However, if this concerns the adapters, we also wonder about the power cables themselves. Finally, the connector remains the same. Will we have to change power supplies every 30 or 40 connections? In any case, it is better, unfortunately, not to touch the installation too much once the card is in place!