Vortex: Antec announces two new watercooling kits


Antec announces new watercooling kits, the Vortex. This is a series with two references with two sizes of heat sinks. The design has been reworked and we find fans Fusion aRGB.

Vortex: 240mm and 360mm kits!

Antec VortexIn the program, we find two AIO in 240 mm and 360 mm. On the radiator side, the finish seems clean with a square block and black paint. The dimensions remain, moreover, quite standard with 27 mm thick.

The pump, for its part, benefits from a copper base and a power supply via a 3-pin plug. At full speed, it will grind at 1800 RPM and, interestingly, will generate a flow rate of over 1300 mL/min, or 72 l/h.

Ventilation is therefore provided by a total of two or three Fusion aRGB fans in 120mm. These feature a PWM power supply and will operate from 600 RPM to 2000 RPM. At full speed, the airflow will reach 57.93 CFM and the static pressure will rise to 2.11 mmH2O.

Of course, with a light on the pump and the fans, we will have the right to a small remote control in bundle. The latter will centralize the different lights of the fans or the pump.

On the mounting side, the pump will be installed on Intel LGA-1700/1200/115X/2000 sockets. In AMD, we find theAM4/AM5/TR4. In short, an exemplary compatibility.

Finally, as far as prices are concerned, you should know that the 360 mm model is priced at 119,95 € against 99,95 € for the 240 mm.

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Here and there the technical data sheets of Antec!