[UNBOXING] Intel 13th Gen i9-13900K and i5-13600K Press Kit


After receiving the press kit of the Intel ARC A770 and A750 graphics cards last week and offering you the full test yesterday, it’s the turn of the press kit of the 13th generation Intel processors with the i9-13900K and i5-13600K to land in the lab. We have already presented this new generation in this brief as well as the processors that will be available at launch.

A splendid press box :

A quick word on the packaging proposed by Intel for the launch. Who says launch of a new platform as well as processors, often says for the journalists, the arrival of samples. So, in addition to the Z790 motherboards and new DDR5 kits, we received the Intel press box. One thing we can already say is that Intel always offers great packaging!

So we received a box with dimensions of 280 x 280 x 45 mm and stamped with the new logo of Intel. Let’s see what is hidden inside this box that opens from the front and hides two drawers.

The first thing that jumps out is the reproduction of the die of an i9-13900K with its 8 Performance cores and 16 Efficiency cores inserted in a transparent support. It is really a very nice reproduction that will end up perfectly as a decoration in our lab next to the i9-12900K.

On the other side, we find a table that includes the three processors of the 13th generation that makes up the current range. No doubt that others will come to complete it in the weeks to come. In the right drawer, two Raptor Lake processors are inserted.

Yes, it is not one but two processors that we received. We are equipped with an i9-13900K and an i5-13600K for our tests. We can’t wait to install them on our Z790 chipset configurations like the ROG Strix Z790-A Gaming Wifi D4 and the ROG Maximus Z790 Extreme that we just received. Thanks to Intelfor sending us this press kit.

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