Threadripper 7000 in September 2023?


Information continues to leak out about the next Zen 4-based Threadripper 7000, with AMD reportedly planning two series of products: one dedicated to HEDTs and another for workstations. The HEDT series will support four-channel memory and 64 PCIe Gen5 and 8 PCIe Gen3 lanes and possibly overclocking. The workstation version will have other arguments, including 8-channel memory and double the support for PCIe Gen5 lanes (up to 128). Logically, this Threadripper Pro series will not support overclocking for the processor or memory.

Threadripper 7000

Two Threadripper 7000 series: for pros and for (rich) amateurs.

These two variations of the next AMD Threadripper, codenamed “Storm Peak”, should be launched in September 2023.

Threadripper 7000

For many months now, several rumors have suggested a strong paternity link between the Threadripper Zen4 platform and the EPYC 9004 “Genoa” chips for servers. This reasoning leads to the arrival of a cpu with up to 96 cores. The current doubts would be reinforced with the presence of two ranges. A situation that leaves the rumor mill open since two sockets exist for the Zen4 EPYC: SP5 and SP6. The former already has products in its range with the EPYC Genoa 9004 series, while the latter is expected to arrive later. The SP5 platform supports 160 PCIe Gen5 lanes and 12-channel DDR5 memory, while the SP6 is supposed to support 96 PCIe Gen5 and 6-channel memory.