Ryzen Threadripper 7000 leaked ?


The future Threadripper 7000 based on Zen 4 would have shown the tip of its nose. Its pedigree is obviously impressive with with 96 Zen 4 cores and 192 threads which is 50% more cores and threads compared to the larger Threadripper 5000. On the leak in question, the identified processors will use the 12 CCD Zen 4 die and were tested on a motherboard with 128 GB of DDR5 memory and a Radeon PRO W6400 GPU. An indication not quite neutral that would tend to destine these future CPUs to the workstation. A destination that would condemn the arrival of these monsters on the aftermarket? It’s still early to make up your mind even though AMD has already confirmed that there will be no non-PRO Threadripper series in the future. Given the inflation, the Threadripper series have become a micro niche anyway due to their prices. But the availability of the CPU as a “simple” component for the home user remains a topic.


Threadripper 7000 leak

Threadripper 7000 for workstations only or available by the piece?

For those who have some idea of the AMD lineup, these Threadrippers will be twins of the EPYC Genoa, but probably with disabled features. If we refer to the official roadmap published by the Reds, the new Threadrippers should be released in 2023. Maybe they will be mentioned for CES or later in the year. It is not known which platform will support these chips, it seems obvious that a new chipset and a new series of motherboards will arrive at the same time.