The T-Force Z54A, the PCIe Gen5 SSD that hits 12.8 GB/s!


Teamgroup is turning up the heat on its SSDs. Indeed, the company unveils a CrystalDiskMark score of the T-Force Z54A displaying violent speeds with 14.3 GB/s read and 12.8 GB/s write!

T-Force Z54A: a Teamgroup SSD clearly fast!

Teamgroup T-Force Z54AWith this SSD, we will have the right to a model in M.2 format with a PCIe x4 Gen5 interface. If for the moment the capacities are not known, we know that the brand is turning to InnoGrit for the controller. So we find an IG5666 engraved in 12 nm.

However, the brand is aware of the heating problem encountered by Gen5 SSDs. It will therefore offer various cooling solutions, we imagine with passive and perhaps active heatsinks. Nevertheless, it also puts forward its Siren Duo360 aRGB. We are talking about an AIO designed to cool an M.2 SSD in addition to the CPU.

As far as performance is concerned, we can see that this is a model that goes fast. The announced speeds show 14 GB/s in sequential read and 10 GB/s in sequential write. Moreover, on CrystalDiskMark, these values reach 14.3 GB/s and 12.8 GB/s respectively… Impressive.

It only remains to see the prices at the time of the launch, but it may sting!