T-Force Siren Duo: a CPU/SSD AIO from TeamGroup!


The T-Force Siren Duo is a dual AIO that we already presented in last March. This time, the brand decided to launch it on the market and all the characteristics are now known. No more mysteries!

T-Force Siren Duo: a CPU/SSD AIO with a very high price tag!

TeamGroup T-Force Siren DuoWith this kit, the brand proposes to cool two components at the same time: the processor and the SSD. All this is done through a 360 mm watercooling radiator. The latter benefits from an aluminum construction and displays a classic thickness of 27 mm.

On this radiator, we find a trio of aRGB fans in 120 mm. They benefit from a PWM power supply and operate from 600 RPM to 2200 RPM. At full throttle, performance seems to be on point with an airflow of 70.07 CFM and a static pressure of 3.88 mmH2O. On the other hand, you should expect some noise.

In short, what makes this model special is its function to cool the M.2 SSD located on your motherboard, in addition to the CPU. For this, we find a second aRGB waterblock connected to the rest of the system by additional pipes. This module has a copper base and measures 78 (L) x 58 (W) x 23.6 (H) mm.

The processor part benefits from a pump block measuring 65.5 mm in diameter for a height of 49 mm. It benefits from a copper base and a pump working up to 4000 RPM. Moreover, the flow is announced: 850 ml/min or 51l/h.

Finally, the bill will be very expensive since it will be necessary to count $399,99 with an availability fixed for November. On the other hand, pay attention to the location of your M.2 slot. If it is located under the first PCIe slot of your motherboard, this T-Force Siren Duo will not be of any use to you since you will not be able to install it.

This way to the TeamGroup datasheet!