Review : Biostar Z690A Valkyrie


Memory overclocking:

We now move on to the most interesting part of this test, namely memory overclocking. We expect a lot from this motherboard, whose hardware could suggest good memory performances.

Let’s get to the heart of the matter, all the memory tests were carried out with a Pcore CPU frequency of 5200MHz, Ecore at 4100MHz and a cache at 3600Mhz.

Test on aida64 :

To start with, on aida 64 we managed to reach a frequency of 2100Mhz or 4200Mt/s in gear 1 and gear 2. Beyond 4200Mt/s in gear 2 it will be necessary to release the timings but this use is not very powerful and to put aside for this kit. As we can see, the increase in frequency and the decrease in timings are directly reflected in the throughput figures. Regarding latency, we see a gain, but Aida64 is not a reliable benchmark on this point.

We managed to reach 4200 Mt/s Cl16 in gear1 but it was not stable enough to pass the benchmarks. An optimization of the bios could allow to reach much better frequencies.

Test on Geekbench 3 :

At the same time, we performed benchmarks on Geekbench 3. Here we can see the gain in memory and CPU scores. And as for Aida, the switch to gear 2 for this kit does not bring anything. Here is the best Geekbench 3 score obtained with this motherboard with the Ecore active. Finally, we end this test on a wrong note. Because we expected much more from this Z690A Valkyrie. It is again a disappointment for a Biostar model which was only asking for a real performing bios.