Stronghold Prime & Observatory: three new cases from Kolink!


Small tour at Kolink which announces the arrival of new boxes on the market. Three new models are expected with the Stronghold Prime and Observatory Y aRGB and Y mesh aRGB.

Observatory Y aRGB & Mesh aRGB

Kolink Observatory Y series

So we start by mentioning the Observatory Y aRGB and Mesh aRGB which are two models in the medium tower format. In the broad lines, the two boxes are identical, only the frontage changes. As you can see, the Mesh version has a metal mesh on the front to improve the air flow.

In fact, the cases in this series have four Umbra aRGB fans. Three of them are behind the front panel while the last one is installed at the back for extraction.

As for the storage, we can count on a disk cage with two slots, all located under the power supply cover. Finally, behind the motherboard tray, we find a board offering three 2.5″ slots.

Stronghold Prime: a much more sober case!

Kolink Stronghold Prime

With this new model, the brand offers us a much more sober model, without glass front or luminous fans. Moreover, the ventilation has only two mills: one on the front, the other on the back.

In addition, like the Observatory models, we find a generous 380 mm space for the graphics card. As for the CPU fans, with 175 mm of free space, it is clear that you can install more or less what you want. Finally, as far as power supplies are concerned, if we remove the HDD cage, we have 190 mm of depth.

In the end, this model also shares the same capabilities in watercooling with a 360 mm radiator support.


Finally, we finish with the selling prices of each case. Thus, the Stronghold Prime will be the most affordable of the three with its 89.90 €. The two Observatories will be more expensive with a bill amounting to 124.90 €. However, we should point out that they have more fans as standard.

Finally, Kolink also offers a vertical graphics card holder with a 23 cm long PCIe 3.0 x16 riser. Here the bill will be €32.90.