Storm 120: Antec’s high-performance fans have a price!


In last June the brand Antec announced its new fan, the performance-oriented Storm 120. At that time, its selling price was not known. We had to wait until now for the brand to officially launch its fan!

Storm 120: a high performance fan at a price of 15 €!

Antec Storm 120 PerformanceAs a reminder, with these fans, Antec offers us a reference in 120 mm with a 25 mm thick frame. Moreover, the latter has silent blocks to reduce vibration. The other advantage of these fans is their ability to be connected in series via a set of male and female fan plugs. In this way, we save plugs on our motherboard, which is practical, especially on small models, which are not very well equipped with connectors. Finally, the American brand announces a fan powered by PWM. The latter will operate from 600 RPM to 2000 RPM. At full speed, the airflow will be 66.56 CFM maximum with a static pressure of 2.7 mm H2O. The brand is touting a fan that generates good airflow, good pressure and low noise. Finally, we know the selling price of the mill per unit. And on this subject, Antec announces a price of 14.80 € including VAT. Otherwise, packs of 2, 3 and even five fans are on the program, nevertheless, we will have to wait until they land in stores to get an idea of the price.

Here is Antec’s datasheet!

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