Sony has secured 22 million chips from AMD


Sony thus claims that PS5 sales will not be affected by shortages for the second part of 2021 after this deal with AMD.

As with the Xbox, it’s AMD that makes the PS5’s SoC


Hiroki Totoki, Sony’s CFO, confirmed that the company was able to acquire 22 million chips from AMD . This information was given while the Japanese company was reviewing its financial results. It confirms and gives confidence to investors on the ability of Sony to deliver its PS5 by respecting the objectives given for 2021. According to Totoki, this “deal” allows the PS5 to be now completely safe from the shortage of chips that affects the entire market. This official information leaves us perplexed, especially regarding AMD. “For the PS5, the target has been set for the number of units to be sold this year, and we have obtained the number of chips needed to achieve this. Regarding the semiconductor shortage, we are no longer concerned.”

AMD favors ( cash from) Sony.

It seems that AMD favors Sony at the expense of not only other customers but also its own product line. AMD could also have made this decision to benefit from an instant cash injection and some flexibility from the Japanese, ready to accept a price increase to be able to deliver its PS5. According to Tomshardware, AMD could have prioritized the production of console chips over its own processors and in particular RDNA 2-based graphics cards. With this stock, Sony will be able to reach its target of 22 million consoles for this year. Nevertheless, demand will still outstrip supply, which means that it will still be difficult to get your hands on a PS5 in 2021. However, this choice of AMD raises a lot of questions as the company has recently communicated on two new products whose availability could be affected by this deal. First of all, we think of the Radeon 6600XT, which should arrive on the market in the next few days with a lot of ambitions to compete with the RTX 3060. Finally, we spoke to you a short time ago about the Ryzen 5700G APU, which is also promising but may not be very available…

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