[Sim] Review – Simucube 2 Pro


In this review, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Simucube 2 Pro racing wheelbase. This high-end wheelbase is a popular direct drive choice among sim racers due to its advanced features and exceptional build quality. It’s the mid level offering from Simucube, sandwich between the Simucube 2 Sport and the Simucube 2 Ultimate. While we wait for Simucube’s new pedals, lets review their wheelbase 3 years after its release.

Note: This product was not sent to us by Simucube (we didn’t ask). We paid for it and intend to use it for personal use.


  • Max Torque: 25 Nm
  • Slew rate: 8.0 Nm/ms
  • 24 Months Warranty
  • Full metal housing for a total weight of 11.1 kg
  • Brushless motor with 25 Nm Max Torque
  • Angle sensor 4 million step readout per revolution
  • Ultra-Low Latency
  • Smooth Feeling: Zero throttling, cogging, or ripple
  • Wireless Wheel Support
  • Quick release preinstalled (no wheel side mounts)

Compatibility PC

Note that the wheelbase is not compatible with every racing game.
Compatible Games: iRacing, Asetto Corsa, Asetto Corsa Competizione, F1, Dirt Rally, WRC 9 onwards & more

NOT Compatible: Forza Horizon/Motorsport, Need for Speed titles, Art of Rally, Circuit Superstars, WRC 6 & 7, V-Rally, FM7 and FH3