SI-100 White aRGB : a bright top flow fan from Thermalright


Thermalright announces a new top flow heatsink, the SI-100 White aRGB. Despite its design, it is rather thick with its 99,8 mm height with its fan.

SI-100 White aRGB: a rather impressive top flow!

Thermalright SI-100 White aRGBWith its new product, the brand announces a heatsink measuring 120 (W) x 108 (D) x 99.8 (H) mm with the fan. In terms of weight, we are at 490g on the scale. As you can see, this fan has a top flow design, which means that the fan is mounted in parallel with the motherboard. The air flow will come from above, hence its name. Speaking of airflow, this will be provided by a 120mm TL-E12W-S fan. The latter will operate up to 2000 RPM generating an airflow of 72.37 CFM and a static pressure of 2.87 mmH2O.

Thermalright SI-100 White aRGB The heatsink itself has a nickel-plated C1100 copper base from which a total of six 6 mm diameter heat pipes are connected. This set is compatible with LGA-115X/1200/1700/2000 and AMD AM4/5 sockets. As usual with Thermalright, we will have to be patient before knowing the price. Nevertheless, the solution may be relevant in a compact ITX case !

Here is the datasheet of Thermalright!