SGK50 S3: new Sharkoon 75% keyboard!


Sharkoon has come up with its Skiller SGK50, available as a fully assembled or barebone model. This is a slightly larger model than the S4, while it can be completely software-free.

SGK40 S3: time for the 75% model!

Sharkoon Skiller SGK50The program features a keyboard in 75% format. In other words, the numeric keypad (totally dispensable 😉 ) has disappeared. As for the rest of the navigation keys, they stand on a column. It’s a similar format to NZXT’s Function MiniTKL.

Sharkoon offers several versions of its keyboard. The barebone version (black or white) has no keys or switches. The aim is to leave the choice to you. Note that the PCB supports three- and five-pin switches, like the Glorious Raptor.

Otherwise, full keyboards are also available, once again in black and white. There’s also a PBT keyset in white and blue. As for switches, the range includes red Gateron (linear 45g), brown (tactile 55g) and yellow (linear 50g).

As we said, you’ll be able to do without software altogether. Lighting and macros are managed via keyboard shortcuts. Worst case scenario: full compatibility with QMK and VIA software.

Finally, inside, we learn that the brand integrates two layers of silicone sound insulation. The aim is to reduce the sound of the keyboard as much as possible.

In terms of price, this is an affordable model, priced at €79.90 in the pre-assembled black version. The barebone version, also in black, retails at €59.90, while the PBT version is priced at €89.90. White versions will follow shortly. As for availability, the white and barebone black and white versions are distributed by Alternate.

Sharkoon datasheets here!