Seagate about to launch 24TB HDDs, 30TB this year!


Seagate is about to launch new hard drives with very large capacities. We are talking about 22Tb and 24Tb versions! Moreover, the brand announces to go further this year with a 30Tb model.

Towards 24Tb hard drives soon for Seagate!

The company would thus plan to massively launch its 22Tb and 24Tb hard drives on the market. In a few words, the 22Tb version has a total of ten platters with a capacity of 2.2Tb each. To achieve such density, the brand relies on CMR and PMR technologies. As for the 24TB model, it is based on SMR technology.

In all the cases, we find disks equipped with very, very strong capacities. Clearly, this type of storage will only be useful to companies for storage and backup needs. Just the price of such a model makes them hardly accessible to the private individual. On LDLC currently, a Seagate Exos 20Tb is 499,96 € !

Anyway, the brand does not seem to want to stop in such a good way. Indeed, we learn that a 30Tb model is in preparation. Obviously, the company would plan a launch later in the year, the end of the second quarter, or even the beginning of the third quarter.

Despite a sector in crisis, brands continue to work hard to increase their storage capacities. Remember that in 2022, Seagate shipped 43.7% fewer HDDs.