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Ryzen 7000 to be launched in early September


While the rumors are multiplying, we already know that AMD will officially take the floor during Computex 2022, a priori on May 23, to talk about its new range of CPUs. But reliable sources have confirmed to Digitimes that the commercial launch of the Ryzen 7000 should take place in early September.

Ryzen 7000 available for sale in September?

The Ryzen 7000 will bring a lot of new features with a new AM5 socket, but they are mainly expected to be more powerful than Intel’s Alder Lake. Using TSMC’s 5nm manufacturing process, several rumors mention performance gains in terms of IPC of 25% compared to the Zen 3 cpu. A rise in frequency is also expected with maximum speeds around 5.00 GHz . The TDP of the next Ryzen could also soar with values ranging from 65W to 170W ( a priori for the 16 cores / 32 threads version ). Finally, the other changeover concerns the transition to DDR5 for AMD in a market where prices are still rising overall.

The Reds are on track to introduce their Zen 4 line of processors for back-to-school, and according to information from Digitimes, TSMC is on track with AMD on volume production, which appears to have begun in early May. Finally, AMD will also be adopting TSMC’s 5nm process for its next-generation EYPC server processors, again with a scheduled release later this year.

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