RX 7900 XT: this is what the board’s PCB should look like


While leaks are multiplying concerning the future generation of NVIDIA’s RTX 4000, it’s almost radio silence for AMD. Igor’s Lab just released a schematic of the PCB of the future RX 7900 XT from AMD. Our colleagues are based on elements in their possession and on recurring information. However, things may change between now and the launch of the card.

RX 7900 XT: towards a card with 24 GB of memory and a GPU organized in chiplets?

RX 7900 XT PCBFrom what we can see, the next high-end graphics card from AMD will have a GPU organized in a chiplet like the Ryzen CPUs. In the center, we find our graphics processor with seven chiplets, one large and six small. The one in the middle, the biggest, would be dedicated to calculations. The six smaller ones are actually memory controllers, each managing a 64-bit bus. Moreover, each of them would be connected to two GDDR6 memory chips. We should therefore have a card with a total of 24 GB of VRAM and a total memory bus of 384 bits.

With this, we would have a power supply consisting of 21 phases in total. It remains to be seen how these phases will be distributed. However, our colleagues mention 16 phases intended to supply the GPU (operating in parallel) and two for the memory. For the latter, we would have two VDD_SoC and a VDDCI.

As we can see, the card would draw its power from three 8-pin PCIe connectors. Nevertheless, a PCIe 5.0 connector(12VHPWR) is not to be excluded. This configuration would allow the card to consume up to 450W.

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Finally, we end briefly with the video outputs based on triple DisplayPort outputs. A single HDMI would close the market. Note that the USB type C is absent.