RX 7900 Series: Biostar presents its cards!


Biostar also presents its range of RX 7900 Series graphics cards. The brand announces a total of four graphics cards. Among them, we find two reference models followed by two custom cards.

RX 7900 Series: the cards from Biostar!

For the time being, we will not dwell on the reference models since they are in line with the AMD design. The heatsink remains unchanged, as do the video outputs, and the same goes for the frequencies.

Biostar RX 7900 Series

On the other hand, the brand offers two customized versions with the Ultimate Gaming series. In itself, the cards remain rather simple with a large black square-shaped casing. Obviously, RGB is not on the agenda, but we still find a perforated backplate at the back.

Despite everything, this model remains quite imposing with a cooling based on three fans. In terms of thickness, it will still take up a little more than three slots in a PC case, so be careful. The heatsink itself has two blocks of aluminum fins, all crossed by copper heat pipes.

As far as frequencies are concerned, it’s hard to say what we’re dealing with, since the brand mentions three frequencies on its data sheets without saying what they correspond to… The RX 7900 XT runs at 2025/2500/2394 MHz when the XTX model displays 2268/2500/2499 MHz? Nevertheless, the memory frequency remains unchanged: 20 Gbps.

The video outputs are not in accordance with the AMD card since we find three DisplayPort and one HDMI. And as far as the power supply is concerned, obviously both models require dual 8-pin PCIe connectivity, even the XTX, as you can tell from the backplate photos.

In short, these are cards that, on paper, don’t look too crazy.

Here and there are the Biostar datasheets !