Review: Roccat Vulcan II Max



It’s time to move on to our conclusion regarding the Roccat Vulcan II Max. So, what did we think of it?

Colors that pop!

Once again, we are dealing with a reference that explodes with colors. It is a habit with Roccat and they still manage to surprise us at this level. Indeed, on this model, we have the right to double LED switches but especially to a translucent wrist rest that allows a diffusion under the wrists. It is very nice but nevertheless visually tiring if you work in the dark. It’s also hard to put back on if you inadvertently remove it (or not, for that matter). Aside from that, we are treated to a neatly designed keyboard, very aesthetically pleasing, as usual with Vulcans. In addition, a large aluminum cover plate completes the package.

In use, the Vulcan II Max has very interesting multimedia shortcuts and a very nice wheel to manage the sound. Also, the Titans II switches in their brown version are perfect for writing and even for video games.

Unfortunately, it is the adage at the moment, and not only at Roccat, bundles are more and more non-existent. Moreover, the latest Vulcan still requires two USB ports to work and doesn’t bring an additional USB offset. It’s a shame.

Roccat Vulcan II Max

How much is the Vulcan II Max?

The Vulcan II Max is available now on the Roccat store for $229.99 or  €229.99. That’s almost 70 euros more than the last Vulcan 121 Aimo. Of course, the inflation has had an impact here…, but it’s starting to be a lot!

Roccat Vulcan II Max

We liked:

  • Its very neat design, very aesthetic
  • The RGB with very present colors
  • The palm rest that diffuses the RGB more
  • The presence of noble materials (aluminum cover plate)
  • The number of multimedia shortcuts
  • The Titans switches are as good as ever
  • That it is a very pleasant keyboard to use
  • That it holds well in place thanks to its rubber pads

We liked less :

  • The bundle is rather inexistent considering the price
  • The lack of USB offset given the two USB ports
  • Its price which exploded since the Vulcan 121 Aimo
  • Its wrist rest difficult to reinstall once removed

médaille award OMF or gold

This new Vulcan signed by Roccat, is particularly beautiful. It is shimmering, fizzing with colors thanks to its wrist rest. It is a perfect success on the aesthetic level. Moreover, it benefits from noble materials with its aluminum faceplate. Besides, we have the right to numerous multimedia shortcuts and switches always as qualitative. Nevertheless, we regret the presence of a USB offset, especially considering the two USBs it needs to function. In addition, the price is starting to sting. For us, it will be gold!

Today, the Vulcan II Max is also awarded the “coup de coeur” which is totally subjective. Personally, I found it particularly successful between its design, its colors and its brown switches .

Thanks to Roccat!