Review: noblechairs Legend


Recently, the noblechairs brand launched a new chair, the Legend, their flagship if you will. With this new model, the brand combines all its know-how in a single reference. The Legend is a synthesis of the Epic, the Icon and the Hero. A new successful chair? We tell you everything without further ado!


As we said, the Legend chair is a kind of synthesis between all existing chairs of the brand. Indeed, noblechairs takes the distinctive elements of each chair and brings them together in the same model! The general shape is inspired by the Icon, while the Epic series has an opening for a sporty touch. Finally, the Hero also goes through the integration of the adjustable lumbar support via a wheel on the right of the backrest.

Despite everything, it is intended for a wide range of morphology since the manufacturer mentions, on its site, a maximum weight of 150 kg for a height of 2 m. However, as we will see later, the chair remains more compact than a Hero. How will this impact the comfort? We’ll get to that.

noblechairs Legend

As with the Hero, we find a lumbar depth adjustment system directly integrated into the back of the chair. We know the mechanism because we were able to put it to the test during the Hero and Hero TX test. Nevertheless, the brand continues to promote its 4D armrests, which can be adjusted in all directions. Similarly, we can also mention the presence of additional cushions dedicated to the lumbar and cervical.

Materials used

As far as the materials are concerned, we have a careful manufacture using qualitative materials. In fact, the frame is made of steel for reasons of sturdiness while the padding is always made of high density cold foam. Of course, this provides a firm comfort, even very firm, but it is also the guarantee of having a chair that will last over time, see: our feedback on Hero and Icon after three months of use.

Otherwise, this model comes with two distinct coverings, textile and the famous high-tech synthetic leather. While the first choice only offers a charcoal gray color, the second is already much richer. You can choose between full black and full white. This set is completed by a Java Edition in brown and a second one that combines a clever mix of black, white and red with texture change!

Legend dimensions:

If the chair is intended for people up to 2 m tall and weighing up to 150 kg, it remains more compact than the Hero, especially its backrest. It is indeed less wide, especially at the level of the shoulders where we lose 10 cm to settle at 47 cm. For the back, we have 28 cm against 32 cm and, finally, at the level of the hips, we have 52 cm instead of 57 cm of the Hero. In addition, the backrest a little higher from 89 cm to 90 cm for the Legend.

On the other hand, no change concerning the dimensions of the seat with 52 cm of width for 48 cm of depth. However, the sides of the latter are more raised compared to the Hero TX seat.

Finally, we note the presence of a total of five nylon/polyurethane casters of 60 mm in diameter. They are intended for hard and softer floors such as carpeting for example.

noblechairs Legend dimensions