noblechairs Icon – Its evolution after 3 years of use


The original test of the noblechairs signature Icon came out in March 2018 on Overclocking. It’s a seat that I’ve used personally for all these years. At the time, it got our highest award (platinum) for all its qualities. Indeed, with the Icon we were entitled to quality materials. Moreover, its firm seat allowed a better hold on the chair. We also appreciated its well-made seams and the presence of 4D armrests. Also, the cushion to relieve the cervicals is really a little nugget in use. On the other hand, we didn’t really appreciate the lumbar cushion, which we found quite annoying.

So, after all these years of use, how has this noblechairs Icon

aged? Answer in this little complementary article!

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Approved by the cat! – Photo from 2018

What has aged the most in 3 years of use?

In all these years, some elements have aged more than others. The worst is especially the cushion that is placed on the top of the seat, behind the head. The elastic band to maintain it is distended, damaged, it even peels. Also, the cushion is starting to make some pilling, but nothing really bad in itself. On the other hand, the latter has softened. We were able to compare it with the latest Hero TX we recently received for testing.

The second element that has aged somewhat over the years is the actuator. Indeed, it is much less fluid and therefore takes longer to go down or up. Nevertheless, a little shot of WD40 can perhaps solve this problem. Moreover, the paint is a little worn on the edges of the foot. We distinguish, here and there, some small gray marks on the black foot.

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noblechairs Icon - 3 ans après

And with time, with PU models, we notice that some dust gets stuck in the stitching of the seat. They are then impossible to dislodge and form some small white spots sometimes. It is not very aesthetic but it is not a defect in itself.

Overall, the Icon is like new!

Despite three years of use since its initial test in early 2018, this Icon signed noblechairs will not have changed much. Indeed, the polyurethane coating will not have aged at all. Similarly, the seams have not been damaged over time. This is a very good point. In the same vein, even the foam will not have settled on my model. But I weigh much less (65 kg) than the maximum recommended weight of 150 kg.

Visually, it looks brand new.

noblechairs Icon - 3 ans après


In the end, we can only recommend you to switch to a noblechairs Icon seat. Indeed, after more than three years of use, nothing has changed much except for the neck cushion. Its elastic band is totally distended and peeling. However, if that’s all it is, it is possible to buy these cushions on the noblechairs website.

Otherwise, apart from a few scratches on the foot, the rest of the Icon’s elements are almost like new.

So, if you were wondering how these chairs age…

noblechairs Icon - 3 ans après
Visually, despite three years of use, the seat hasn’t moved much!