Review: MSI RTX 4060 Ti Gaming X Trio 8G


Specifications and PCB:

Technical specifications:

In terms of frequency, the base frequency is announced at 2310 MHz, while the Boost peaks at 2670 MHz. The 8 GB of G-DDR6X memory run at 2250 MHz (288… 554 GB/s) on a 128-bit bus. As this is a partner card, it features factory overclocking, i.e. a boost frequency higher than that of the Founders Edition, which was 2535 MHz. This represents a significant gain of 135 MHz, which can be increased to 150 MHz via the MSI Center application.

Let’s run through GPU-Z to check that the information read is correct. The GPU frequency is 2310 MHz, and the Boost frequency is 2670 MHz. Don’t forget that the latter will be higher in benchmarks, depending on the quality of your chip and determined by GPU Boost 4.0. Memory has a frequency of 2250 MHz.

Let’s take the PCB apart:

As we hinted, we haven’t yet disassembled our MSI RTX 4060 Ti. The timing of the test publication didn’t allow us to do so in the best conditions, especially with the update of all our graphics.