Review : Corsair AF120 Elite


Back to the world of fans with, this time, Corsair who sends the latest AF120 Elite. Fans that, as we will see, play the sobriety card. Indeed, we do not use any form of RGB lighting, something quite surprising from the brand. In short, let’s see what we have to do.


Overall, everyone knows Corsair since the brand is present on almost all fronts of the PC hardware world. This time, we’re dealing with fans and, overall, the company offers a catalog filled with numerous references. However, with these AF120 Elite, the brand is taking on the name of a series that has been renewed many times.

On the program, we will have to deal with a 120 mm fan with a sober look. We should also face a quiet and efficient model according to the brand. It remains to be seen how it behaves on a small water cooling radiator, as we usually do.

TheAF120 Elite:

Clearly, with its AF120 Elite, Corsair is betting on sobriety since its fan is completely black. Here, no color as on the Toughfan 12 Racing Green from Thermaltake. And even under power, it will not shine by any lighting.

Regarding the dimensions, we are dealing with a model of the most classic since in 120 mm. The thickness also remains standard with its 25 mm, exit the slim format as the NF-A12x15 of Noctua for example. Similarly, it will not be excessively thick either, unlike the FrostBlade 120 from Acer.

As we can see, the brand is surfing on the current trend of fans with thin and strongly curved blades. And that’s exactly what the nine units in this model offer. Moreover, the central hub is also quite imposing, more or less the same size as the ToughFan 120 from Thermaltake and the NF-A12x25 from Noctua.

The frame, on the other hand, remains quite simple and offers a design similar to that of the ML120 RGB Elite of the brand. We will find a Corsair logo on the edge of the latter as well as a small reminder ” //AF ELITE” on one of the four silent blocks that it embeds. Finally, at the back, there are nine blades used to channel and concentrate the air flow. The famous AirGuide of the brand.

Before talking about the characteristics, a word about the available connectivity which is very simple and basic. Here, we will only find a single flat PWM cable with four pins and a length of 60 cm, which is ideal in our opinion. We now move on to the technical characteristics:

  • Without L.N.C :
    • Rotation range: 450 RPM to 1850 RPM
    • Air flow : 59,1 CFM
    • Static pressure: 1.93 mmH2O


Corsair AF120 Elite bundle

The accessory part of this AF120 Elite is basic since it includes :

  • One safety guide
  • Four screws for case mounting

Small disappointment on the accessory part which turns out to be reduced to the maximum. We will see via our tests on a voltage reducer would have been appreciated or not. As it is, we only have what we need to mount it on the case and that’s all!