PNY CS3150, a PCIe 5.0 SSD cooled by two fans!


PNY has released a new high-performance SSD. Indeed, the CS3150 is a model with a PCIe 5.0 interface. However, we’re a little concerned about the brand’s cooling system. We’re talking about a dual-fan heatsink!

CS3150: a PCIe 5.0 SSD with a dual-fan heatsink!

PNY CS3150With this SSD, PNY is showcasing a high-performance model. It features a PCIe 5.0 interface and a memory controller from Phison.

However, this combo is known to generate rather pronounced heat. To calm things down, the brand has opted for an aluminum heatsink topped by two small fans. And that’s where we get scared: one mill can be noisy, but two? We can’t even imagine!

In terms of style, PNY offers different variants, with one SSD in black, another in white and a third with RGB. In all cases, a connector will be needed to power the fans.

In terms of performance, the 1TB version boasts sequential read speeds of 11.5 GB/s, compared with 8.5 GB/s for writes. The 2TB model is even faster, with 12 GB/s reading and 11 GB/s writing.

As for price, you’ll have to shell out a hefty sum, especially in view of current prices. The 1TB version is priced at $179.99, but the price of the 2TB is still unknown, unfortunately. Availability is expected in December!

Here and here are the PNY datasheets!