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“PlayStation PC” confirms Sony’s ambition on PC


Sony quietly registered the name PlayStation PC in April this year via its California-based headquarters. While some may see this as an anecdotal act, it is a new element that supports the idea that Sony intends to massively port its games to the PC platform.

Playstation PC
Days Gone on PC in 2021

Playstation PC: an economic necessity for Sony

Earlier in the last few weeks we already mentioned some movements that seemed to confirm that Sony wanted to expand its audience and “make money” on its exclusivities beyond its Playstation console. Jim RYAN, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment has confirmed that Playstation will bring a whole list of games to PC. For Sony this change of strategy is necessary due to the explosion of development costs of new games. By opening up to PCs, Sony’s exclusive titles will obviously have a wider audience and therefore greater commercial potential. A calculation that its competitor Microsoft had made very early… Until now reluctant to leave its console ecosystem, Sony understood that it would have to diversify its sources of income. Microsoft now has strong arguments to convince developers and make their lives easier. From Direct X to the arrival of Windows 11, Sony can legitimately worry despite the dominance of its platform on the console market. The recent acquisition of Nixxes Software, a company known for its work on the PC versions of Square Enix titles, such as Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Hitman and Thief, is one more signal. This “brick” should help Sony bring its exclusive games to the PC platform.

PC VS Console: the war won’t happen

In the near future, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy should arrive on PC shortly after its release on PS5. This is in addition to the leaks talking about the porting of God of War, Gran Tourismo, etc last month… As we can see, the PC platform is becoming an important issue for the two key players in the console world. Not so long ago, Sony thought that the Playstation would replace the PC for gamers.

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