Philips announces its Evnia 42M2N8900, an OLED screen in 138 Hz!


Philips announces a new screen for your PC and this model should be rather pleasant. Indeed, we are talking about the Evnia 42M2N8900, a model with a reactive OLED panel. The latter displays a frequency of 138 Hz and a UHD resolution, all in a diagonal of 42″!

Evnia 42M2N8900 : a very big UHD screen with OLED panel !

Philips Evnia 42M2N8900For the blow, the mark regales us by proposing a screen equipped with a big slab of 42″ diagonal (106 cm). Moreover, we find there a flat panel OLED coming from LG. The latter displays a UHD resolution (3840×2560) and a frequency of 138 Hz. Also, the latency is low with 0.1 ms gray to gray.

In terms of display, we find a brightness of 135 cd / m² with peaks at 450 cd / m². The contrast is 15m:1, however, this is justified by the type of the slab. With this, we can count on a coverage of 131.3% of the color range sRGB, 98.5% for DCI-P3 and 93.6% of Adobe RGB. We will also retain a 10-bit color display, a factory DeltaE <2 as well as support for HDR10.

The connectivity is based on dual HDMI 2.1, DisplayPort 1.4 and UBS-C capable of charging devices. It will also act as an alternative DisplayPort!

It only remains to know the price. Moreover, in all this history, it is this data which makes us the most afraid!