Phanteks Glacier G40 Waterblocks for MSI and GIGABYTE


The company Phanteks that we have already had the opportunity to review in the past announces the arrival of new GPU waterblocks. These new “Glacier G40waterblocks are intended for MSI and GIGABYTE graphics cards.

Launched with ASUS graphics cards, the Glacier G40 series of waterblocks from Phanteks is moving towards MSI and GIGABYTE with new models that will allow many users to complete a watercooling loop with these new models. Always sober, the transparent design of these new Glacier G40 is sublimated by a black satin, white matte or chrome accent with a matching backplate; without forgetting the addressable RGB lighting that can be synchronized if needed.

With copper, anodized aluminum and Viton o-ring construction, the new Glacier G40s will not only add an elegant touch to the system, but will also enhance the performance of the graphics cards. Compatible cards include the GIGABYTE Aorus RTX 4090 Master and RTX 4090 Gaming OC as well as the MSI RTX 4090 Suprim X, RTX 4090 Suprim, RTX 4090 Gaming X TRIO, RTX 4080 Suprim X, RTX 4080 Suprim and RTX 4080 Gaming X TRIO.

These new Phanteks Glacier G40 waterblocks will soon be available from official French retailers at the recommended price of 249.90 € in black and 269.90 € in black and chrome.

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