Phanteks announces its vertical graphics card support!


Phanteks announced new products with its vertical support of graphic card. The latter is accompanied by a PCIe 4.0 riser, however, the particularity of the set is to also be in white!

Phanteks launches a vertical support for graphics card… In white !

Phanteks support vertical carte graphiquePhanteks proposes a white support, to match your case… If it is white, of course. However, not only the bracket is white, the PCIe riser is also white!

With its new product, the brand offers us a metal support that exploits seven expansion slots in your case. Clearly, it will not be compatible with mini-tower cases for example. Also, once in place, it only provides two vertical slots. Once again, no more triple slot graphics cards. With the size of the current cards, we are not likely to mount many of them.

Finally, this set comes with a PCIe 4.0 x16 riser with a length of 22 cm. The latter is based on a flat distributed connector system with individual shielding to protect the connector system from electromagnetic interference.

That’s not all, as the brand also announces two separate risers. These models are displayed in lengths of 22 cm and 30 cm. The female connector will be at 90° for that of 22 cm against 180° the model of 30 cm.

It only remains to talk about the prices which are 69.90 € for the support and 59.90 € for the riser in 22 cm and 30 cm!