Ornata V3 & V3X: two low profile membrane keyboards from Razer!


Razer launches two new keyboards with its Ornata V3 and Ornatat V3X models. They will occupy the “entry-level” segment… At least in the spirit, because once confronted with the bill… the story is quite different.

Ornata V3 & V3X: two entry-level membrane keyboards!

Razer Ornata V3With these two references, the brand with snakes announces two 104-key keyboards of the most classic. Nevertheless, there are some keys dedicated to multimedia functions, well, not on the V3X, but the magnetic wrist rest is present on both.

As far as materials are concerned, no originality with plastic at all levels. The keys are in ABS with a UV treatment to improve their resistance. Moreover, they have a low profile for better ergonomics.

Internally, we stay on something quite simple with a keyboard without memory. If the polling rate is 1000 Hz, we will only have a 6-key roll over. On the other hand, we can count on the possibility of recording macros on the fly as well as on an RGB lighting. Moreover, on this subject, the V3X is the less well equipped of the two with a single zone against 10 for the V3.

As for the price, you’ll have to spend 99.99 € for the V3 against 49.99 € for the V3X. At 100 €, you might as well go for a mechanical one, it’s quite feasible.

Go here and here for Razer’s datasheets!