OBS Studio: AV1 encoding now for AMD and Intel GPUs


Some time ago, OBS announced its support for AV1 encoding for RTX 40. An encoding that brings a notable gain in terms of data volume but which is not yet used by Twitch in particular. Now the AMD RX 7000 and INTEL Arc GPUs can also be used… With a clear price advantage for the latter.

OBS AV1 ARC AMD OBS Studio already supports AV1 encoding with NVIDIA RTX 40 GPUs, while with OBS Studio 29 beta it is available for Intel Arc Graphics and AMD Radeon RX 7000 “RDNA3” GPUs with AV1 hardware encoding capabilities. OBS Studio 29 also supports Intel HEVC-based encoding.

Here is the list of new features for this version and its download link:


  • Added support for AMD AV1 encoder for RDNA3 GPUs [AMD/Jim]
  • Added support for Intel AV1 encoder for Arc GPUs [Intel/Jim]
  • Added support for Intel HEVC encoder [yuriy-chumak/rcdrone/Jim]
  • Added upward compressor filter [pkv]
  • Added 3-band equalizer filter [Jim]
  • Added support for native HEVC and ProRes encoders on macOS, including P010 and HDR [Developer-Ecosystem-Engineering/PatTheMav/gxalpha]
  • Added support for macOS Desk View [Developer-Ecosystem-Engineering]
  • Added update channels to accept beta/candidate releases on Windows [Rodney]

OBS Studio 29 Beta 1