NexXxos HPE-45 & HPE-60: new heaters from Alphacool!


With the new NexXxos HPE-45 and HPE-60 heat sinks from Alphacool, we’re tackling the mini. Indeed, these models are designed to accommodate small fans: 80 mm in our case.

NexXxos HPE-45 & HPE-60: heat sinks for 80 mm fans!

Alphacool NexXxos HPE-60 X-Flow QuadWith its new heaters, Alphacool continues to offer models made entirely of copper. Moreover, they are intended for small fans since they will be used to accommodate 80 mm mills. The largest of the series will be the HP3-60 X-Flow Quad since it will be possible to install up to eight fans in push/pull.

Likewise, these models offer different formats with a “classic” HPE-45 with an inlet and an outlet on the same side. Two X-Flow models are also on the program, however, the inlet and outlet are on opposite sides.

Quickly, we come to talk about the fins that make up these models. The X-Flow versions will be less dense with 15 FPI (fins per inch) while the HPE-45 offers 16. However, we must keep in mind the less important thickness of the latter: 42 mm against 60 for the crossflow models.

As far as price is concerned, the NexXxos HPE-45 costs 93,49 €. The HPE-60 Triple and Quad are priced at 109,99 € and 119,99 € respectively.

Go here, here or here for Alphacool’s technical data sheets!