NA-TPG1: Avoid getting thermal paste all over!


Noctua announces an interesting little accessory that will prevent thermal paste from spilling around the CPU when mounting the heatsink. The NA-TPG1 allows you to collect the thermal paste before it overflows from your Ryzen 7000!

NA-TPG1: an accessory to avoid getting thermal paste everywhere!

Noctua NA-TPG1In the program, we simply find a plastic cutout that fits the shape of the IHS of an AMD Ryzen 7000 processor. This part is positioned around the CPU capsule. Its purpose is simply to recover the thermal paste that would overflow from the processor when tightening the cooling unit… Especially if you have a heavy hand with the paste.

Finally, this accessory is only used for that, but… it can have some interest if you are the kind of person who regularly takes pictures of your hardware (like me). Moreover, considering the shape of a Ryzen 7000 IHS, imagine the hell it must be to clean what falls out. Already on the previous models it wasn’t fun at all to do, so now…

Anyway, the plate in question is made of high temperature resistant polycarbonate. Logical, since once installed, the accessory stays around the CPU.

As for the price, it costs €7.90 alone with 10 cleaning wipes. The bill rises to 9.90 € with a syringe of NT-H1 of 3.5g, without wipes. Finally, with a syringe of NT-H2 of 3.5g and three wipes, we are at 13.90 €.

Here are the datasheets from Noctua!