More RX 7600s on the road in Canada!


The future RX 7600s, whose role will be to compete with the RTX 4060s, are making another appearance in Canada. This time, it’s the Gigabyte and XFX models and not the MSI and Sapphire. As for the prices, they are more in the $300 to $315 USD range.

RX 7600 from XFX and Gigabyte spotted in Canada!

RX 7600 Gaming OC

With these new cards, we find Gaming OC versions from Gigabyte. As for XFX, it is the Speedster Quick308 Black and Speedster SWFT210 Core versions that appeared. In all cases, the selling price was around $300 USD and $315 USD at Yes, in between, the product sheets have been removed.

Of course, this is a placeholder, but the pricing is still very close to the MSRP supposed for this model. Indeed, there are rumors of an official price of $299 USD.

Clearly, the pricing puts this little 7600 on par with the non-Ti RTX 4060 which, as a reminder, will land in July at a price of $335. It remains to be seen how AMD’s card will fare against its rival. Moreover, in view of the results on 3DMark results of the 4060 Ti, the battle could be interesting!

Once again, it’s a mid-range card that should be announced on May 25th, a few days before the Computex kicks off!