Momentum² Quad RAM : a RAM waterblock from EKWB


New product in the EKWB range: the EK-Quantium Momentum² Quad RAM. This is a new waterblock for memory. It can cool up to four RAM modules!

Momentum² Quad RAM: an EKWB waterblock for RAM cooling!

EK-Quantum Momentum² Quad RAMThe program includes a waterblock for RAM. This is designed to cool up to four RAM sticks, whether DDR4 or DDR5. To cool these sticks, we find four black heatsinks that “wrap” around your sticks. These heatsinks then come into contact with the waterblock itself.

The waterblock measures 42 (W) x 139 (D) x 14.3 (H) mm. It features an acrylic top for aRGB lighting. A Momentum² reminder is also present. The base is in nickel-plated copper.

For connection, there are two G1/4″ threads on the top of the block. Also of note is Matrix7 conformity, a set of dimensions standardized on EKWB products. This means you can connect the various elements of your loop without too much difficulty.

Last but not least, the price of this model is not cheap. In fact, it costs no less than €175!

Here’s the EKWB product sheet!