MEG381CQR : we know the price of MSI’s high-end screen !


In September we learned that MSI announced its MEG381CQR screen. A high-end 37.5″ curved monitor. At that time, the price was not known, ditto for some technical data: color spaces in mind. Now we know almost everything there is to know.

MEG381CQR : $1750 for the high-end monitor from MSI !


As a reminder, with this screen, we have a high-end monitor with a 37.5″ curved IPS panel. Despite everything, the radius of curvature remains rather low: 2300R. Moreover, we find a 21:9 resolution with 3840 x 1600. Similarly, we have a strong responsiveness with a refresh rate of 175 Hz with a latency of 1 ms. Of course, the NVIDIA G-Sync Ultimate technology is present.

In terms of coverage of different color spaces, MSI announces a coverage of 96.2% of the spectrum DCI-P3, for the sRGB, we are at 128.7%. We continue with the brightness of 400 nits (with peaks at 600 nits). The contrast ratio is given for 1000:1.

However, this model has a small feature, it is to integrate a mini-screen under the main slab. Via the latter you can display information related to your system in real time. Not to mention the RGB lighting at the bottom of the monitor, which is also compatible with the GamaSense from SteelSeries.

We end with the price, which is clearly not within the reach of everyone. For this reference you will have to pay no less than $1750, ouch!

Here is the technical data sheet of MSI!