MEG Prospect 700 : two new cases from MSI !


MSI unveils two new PC cases with the MEG Prospect 700 series. An original series, especially since the R model integrates a touch screen for more functionality. In short, it looks pretty good!

MEG Prospect 700: two high-end cases for MSI!

MSI MEG Prospect 700R With its two new cases, MSI offers us imposing references. They are 237 (W) x 585 (D) x 537 (D) mm. The weight is also consequent since it is 15.95 kg.

Obviously, with such dimensions, inside, we will have room for the installation of a motherboard in E-ATX format. The graphics card will not be outdone with 400 mm of free space, even the future RTX 4090 of Lenovo will enter without hindrance. Finally, the power supply and the CPU cooling unit have 220 mm and 185 mm respectively.

The ventilation can be consistent with its ten slots for fans. Indeed, on the front, we have three 120/140 mm, ditto on the top. On the side, we find three 120 slots against a 120/140 mm at the back.

For the watercooling, despite everything, the compatibility with radiators stops at 360 mm maximum. No 420 mm despite the triple front and top slots. Nevertheless, it will be possible to integrate a distroplate signed EKWB on the side of the motherboard.

MSI MEG Prospect 700R Nevertheless, the particularity of this model is to integrate a multifunction and touch screen, in the R version of the case. Via this screen, it will be possible to control the speed of the fans, to choose the RGB animation, to display the time or the weather or to monitor the system. In short, a very interesting feature, but it is expensive. According to our colleagues, this case costs $579 AUD, or about $380 USD.

Here and there are the technical data sheets of MSI!