Mako DDR5 : PNY announces its memory kits running at up to 5600 Mbps


From PNY, we learn that the brand launches its own memory kits in DDR5. Indeed, via its brand XLR8 Gaming, the manufacturer offers its Mako DDR5 kits, RAM declined with and without RGB lighting!

Mako DDR5: RGB, non-RGB, there is a choice!

PNY XLR8 Mako DDR5On the program, the brand offers two versions of its RAM kit, a first one with an RGB lighting. This last one takes the form of a lightbar present on the top of the radiator. The version without lighting will be more compact since it will be without this luminous appendage. However, no information concerning the size of the modules is given.

We quickly arrive at the most crunchy part, the technical specifications. For the moment, we have no idea of the capacities of the kits, although we assume that it is a set of 32 GB. On the frequency side, PNY mentions 5600 Mbps with CAS Latency of 36. For the voltage, it is question of voltage of 1,25V.

Finally, the manufacturer announces a series focused on the entry-level sector with the Performance memory. Here, the RAM will be extremely simple since there will be no heatsink. PNY announces 16 GB capacity modules for frequencies of 4800 Mbps, CAS latency of 40 and a voltage of 1.1V.

For the moment, we have no idea of the selling price. On the other hand, the availability is set for this quarter for the Mako series when the performance range will appear on our shelves from mid-November!

Here is the PNY datasheet!