M25 Series: new Phanteks fans in 120/140 mm


In addition to the G500A, the brand Phanteks launches a whole new range of fans with its M25 Series. Fans range in 120 mm or 140 mm with or without RGB lighting!

M25 Series : full of fans at Phanteks!

M25 SeriesOn the menu, the brand offers a total of six new fans. They are available in 120 mm or 140 mm, in white or black with or without RGB lighting.

From a physical point of view, these new mills come with a frame equipped with rubber silentblocks . The objective is simple: to limit parasitic vibrations as much as possible. Otherwise, they have a total of nine rather thin blades. The fans are connected in series with short PWM sockets. Practical to limit the cables in the case.

Regarding the characteristics, in 120 mm, we find fans operating from 500 rpm to 2000 rpm. At full speed, the airflow will be 84.26 CFM and the static pressure will reach 2.67 mmH2O.

In 140mm, the fans will be a little slower as they will run from 500rpm to 1800rpm. The airflow increases to 104.62 CFM, as does the static pressure, which rises to 2.80 mmH2O.

The 120 mm fan costs between €9.90 and €14.90 per unit, depending on whether or not you want RGB lighting. In 140 mm, prices are a little higher: 10.90 € in black, without light, 16.90 € with RGB lighting. The three-pack, which will include all the connectivity in addition, is priced at 27.90 € (without RGB) and 39.90 € (with RGB), all in 120 mm. In 140 mm, the price rises to 29.90 € without lighting and 44.90 € with lighting.

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