Kingston’s Fury Beast RGB DDR5 memory kits run at 6000 MT/s


Kingston announces new memory kits with its Fury Beast RGB DDR5. New RAM kits displaying a maximum frequency of 6000 MT/s for capacities up to 62 GB for the sets in dual channel!

Fury Beast RGB DDR5: 64 GB at 6000 MT/s!

Kingston Fury Beast RGB DDR5With this new series, the brand puts forward an RGB heatsink with an asymmetric design. Of course, the lighting part will be controlled by the software of your motherboard manufacturer or via the Fury CTRL2 of the brand.

Regarding the capacity, the brand will offer single or dual channel sets. The bars show capacities of 8 GB, 16 GB or 32 GB. In dual channel, we can go up to 64 GB of RAM.

In terms of frequency, we start with modules clocked at 4800 MT/s and then gradually increase. The other frequencies are 5200 MT/s, 5600 MT/s and 6000 MT/s for the fastest. Finally, the CAS latencies are in CL38 and CL40 with voltages of 1.1V, 1.25V and 1.35V.

Finally, a word about the dimensions which are 133.35 (L) x 7.11 (W) x 42.23 (H) mm. Be careful about the size of your CPU cooling unit.

All that’s left is to find out the price and the availability date!