Invader X BTF: an updated version of the XPG box


New case from XPG… At last, an update to an existing model. The company is announcing its Invader X BTF, announced as compatible with BTF, Project Zero and Project Stealth boards.

Invader X BTF: compatible with Project Zero and BTF cards!

XPG Invader X BTF

With this case, we return to a larger reference than the original model. Dimensions increase from 245 (W) x 475 (D) x 448 (H) mm to 245 (W) x 485 (D) x 448 (H) mm.

This inevitably has an impact on component compatibility. Already, we find full compatibility with BTF, Project Stealth and Project Zero motherboards. Surprising, given that the previous model advertised :

Invader X BTF
Source : Invader X sheet

“The Invader X allows convenient installation for rear-socket motherboards.”

At least that’s official.

Otherwise, the possibility of installing :

  • Graphics card: 400 mm without radiator, 270 mm with
  • CPU cooling: 175 mm
  • Power supply: 240 mm

By default, this model comes with five 120 mm fans, four of which have inverted blades to improve airflow. However, by fitting 120 mm fans at the top and on the power supply cover, a total of ten fan slots can be found. As for watercooling, compatibility with 360 mm radiators is assured.

Finally, the style of the case remains unchanged, with glass panels giving it an aquarium look. However, the first three brackets are removable, which was not the case with the original case. Finally, the Velcro cabling strips are still present.

No RTX 5000 until 2025...?

Here’s the XPG product sheet!
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