Intel launches its Core i9 13900KS at a $700!


Intel officially launches its new flagship processor. Indeed, the Core i9 13900KS is launched by the brand at a price of $699. A seriously inflated price compared to the 13900K!

Core i9 13900KS: what’s new?

Intel Core i9 1900KS packaging

Globally, this new CPU takes over the configuration of the 13900K as far as the number of cores is concerned. We have a model with 24 cores, including 8 P-core and 16 E-core.

However, the main novelty is in the frequencies, which have been increased on this model. Whether in base or in boost, the latter takes 200 MHz compared to its predecessor, at least on the P-Core. The base frequency is then established at 3.2 GHz to reach 6 GHz in boost. It is the first model to reach such a frequency from the factory. Otherwise, there is no change in the frequency of the E-Core, which still operates at 2.20 GHz base and 4.30 GHz in boost.

Nevertheless, this increase in frequency has an impact on the thermal envelope which increases to 150W. If you plan to buy such a model, you should not be stingy on the heatsink. Obviously, according to the first feedback, this is a model that requires a serious cooler!

On the other hand, the MTB remains unchanged and is still 253W. Via TechpowerUp we learn that Intel has changed the way this margin is used in order to achieve better frequencies on the P-Core.

The launch price should therefore be $699, an increase of just over 18%.