iCUE XH300 RGB Pro: two hard tube watercooling kits from Corsair


This time, we will talk about custom watercooling with two sets proposed by Corsair. Indeed, the brand offers its iCUE XH300 RGB Pro series, two sets featuring rigid tubing!

iCUE XH300 RGB Pro : sets with rigid tubbing !

iCUE XH300 RGB Pro
The XH305i kit with QL120 RGB fans

Thus, the American brand offers us two sets of custom watercooling using rigid tubing. These two sets are the XH305i and XH303i. Of course, some differences remain between the two.

In common base, we have the CPU waterblock which is an XC7 RGB Pro and the radiator, an XR5 in 360 mm. The same goes for the end caps, two of which are 90° and eight straight. Finally, the brand provides the necessary to control the speed of the fans as well as the RGB lighting of the components. The same goes for the tools with the saw, bending kit, deburrer, etc.

In the end, the main difference will be in the ventilation. The XH305i comes with iCUE QL120 mills while the XH303i offers SP120 RGB. Regarding the pump, same story: D5 PWM in combo with tank for the first, DDC PWM in combo with tank for the second.

The XH303i kit with the little SP120 RGB Elite

Of course, with all the hardware to set up the tubing as well as all the elements to constitute a complete CPU loop, the price is not cheap. Here, you will have to count $599.99 for the iCUE XH305i RGB Pro against $499.99 for the iCUE XH303i RGB Pro. However, if you like the practice keep in mind that you already have all the hardware to extend your watercooling system to a GPU for example.

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Here and there are the technical data sheets of Corsair!