Hydro PTM X Pro: compact 80+ Platinum blocks from FSP!


FSP renews its offer of high-end power supplies with the arrival of the Hydro PTM X Pro. A new series of two 80+ Platinum certified power supplies with compact dimensions. As a reminder, current power supplies with this certification are at least 17 cm deep. Not easy with a compact case.

Hydro PTM X Pro: finally compact power supplies from FSP!

FSP Hydro PTM X ProFSP therefore offers two new power supplies with a large 80+ Platinum certification. Moreover, these models benefit from compact dimensions since they are 15 cm deep at most. This is a change from the 17 cm of the Hydro PTM and the 19 cm of the Hydro PTM Pro. Of course, the connection system will be fully modular, which is very useful for cabling. As for the cables in question, there is no originality since they are black and flat. No sheaths, nothing. Internally, we will have the right to use electrolytic capacitors of Japanese origin. The PFC is active and offers a power correction factor greater than or equal to 90%. The 5V and 3.3V rails benefit from a DC-to-DC module and we have the right to a single 12V rail. Finally, cooling is provided by a 120mm fan with FDB bearing. However, the brand does not stipulate whether it operates in semi-passive mode or not. For the moment, no price is known, and the same goes for the duration of the warranty. On the other hand, the brand provides side stickers to personalise your power supply.

Here and there are the FSP data sheets!