How much would you be willing to pay for an RTX 4080?


The pricing of the RTX 40 continues to be debated. While the RTX 4090 may have appealed to the more affluent, the price of the RTX 4080 is having trouble with PC fans. Its poor numbers attest to the discomfort. For the first time, the debate focuses solely on the price, the qualities of the card are not a subject of discussion. TechPowerUp therefore decided to poll its readership to find out how much would be “acceptable” for a (still wealthy) buyer to afford the new Nvidia RTX 4080. If the volume of responses obtained by our colleague is very significant (nearly 11,000 responses) we must always remain cautious about the relevance of some answers. We have 13% of voters who think that the right price for an RTX 4080 would be $400.

combien seriez vous prêts à payer votre RTX 4080
How much would you be willing to pay to afford an RTX 4080

However, overall for 44% of the people, the “honest” price of such a card should be between 700 and 800$. A nice sum if we bring it back to European prices with an unfavorable conversion rate and higher taxes…Such a positioning would still bring us around 900 or 1000€. Obviously we are not in a utopian world where the customer sets the price of the product he wants to buy. But overall, it is interesting to see that the respondents are more reasonable than we think (2% of the voters think that the price of the 4080 is right).

Unfortunately, if a message like this reaches Nvidia’s ears, we think that rather than penetrating it will only bounce back 😉