Hero Resident Evil Umbrella Edition, a new design from noblechairs!


We start the day with a new chair from noblechairs. The brand has unveiled a new version of its Hero chair, the Hero Resident Evil Umbrella Edition. As you may have guessed, this chair is inspired by Capcom’s video game series!

Hero Resident Evil Umbrella Edition: a new edition of the noblechairs chair!

Hero Resident Evil Umbrella Edition

Once again, the chair retains its dimensions and functionality. We still have a model for tall people. As for weight, even if you’re stout, no worries, this model can support up to 150 kg.

Of course, the backrest is still adjustable at lumbar level via an adjustment wheel. This will hollow out your lower back to follow the natural curvature of your spine.

Hero Resident Evil Umbrella Edition

Otherwise, this model stands out for its clear Resident Evil theme. To mark the occasion, the seat is painted white/black/red. On the front, we find DNA chain stitching on the bucket sections. In the middle of the backrest is the Umbrella Corporation logo, which will be repeated on the back of the chair. Last but not least, the stitching is in red, the color of the multinational’s logo.

Pricing is €489.90 on the brand’s website.

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