Gunnir launches its Arc A770 Photon, an Intel card with three fans!


Gunnir is now offering a customized version of the Arc A770 from Intel. The card in question, the Arc A770 Photon, seems to have been available for a month already. Moreover, we find an imposing custom model with an elaborate heatsink.

Arc A770 Photon : big custom model for Gunnir !

Gunnir Arc A770 PhotonOn the program, we find a card redesigned by Gunnir. This model has a custom heatsink with three fans and a nice backplate. The power supply will go through a duo of eight-pin PCIe connectors, like the reference model. All that remains is to see if the assembly has been taken care of unlike their Home-made A380 of the launch.

However, even if this model embeds a total of 16 GB of memory, in GDDR6, like the Special Edition of Intel, the frequencies are not the same. It will have to rely on VRAM clocked at 16 Gbps against 17.5 Gbps for the Intel model. Nevertheless, the boost frequency is well established at 2400 MHz.

As for the price, it is whispered that this model is negotiated some 3299 yuan. This makes us about 450 € after conversion. We remain roughly in the prices of the reference model in Europe. But more expensive than in the US were we find it for $400.