Gelid announce it’s AIO Liquid 360 Ultimate


New watercooling kit has been unveiled at Gelid which offers us a Liquid 360 Ultimate. It is a 360 mm AIO equipped with a pump with digital display. In addition to that, we find an RGB lighting and an infinite depth effect on the pump, the total.

Liquid 360 Ultimate, a kit that does it all: RGB, digital display and infinite depth effect on the pump!

Gelid Liquid 360 UltimateAfter telling you about the models in 120 mm and 240 mm models, let’s talk about the 360 mm version. The latter is equipped with a new, larger radiator, capable of accommodating three fans per side.

Concerning the pump, the brand puts everything it can with an aRGB lighting, a digital display and an infinite depth effect. However, it’s hard to say what its flow rate or water column is. However, we do know that it will fit on the LGA-1700/1200/115X and AM4/5 sockets .

In terms of ventilation, we find a trio of mills operating from 750 rpm to 1800 rpm. The airflow announced is 61.9 CFM while the static pressure will cap at 1.67 mmH2O.

The only thing left to do is to see the price of this model since, remember, the 120 mm and 240 mm versions were announced respectively at $66 and $85.